Car Finance No Credit Check? Don’t be fooled


Why you shouldn't believe everything car companies tell you on the internet

Car Finance No Credit Check… Honest

We’ve all seen them. Those adverts that promise the earth and deliver nothing. Car Finance No Credit check!!!


Don’t be fooled by these obvious bogus claims that are being broadcast by shady companies. They probably don’t even deal in car finance at all, they are probably only after your details so they can sell the data to the highest bidder.

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Its more than likely a scam

Its the unfortunate world we live in that the internet has created this new style of cyber scam artist, please don’t fall fowl to it.

There probably will be the odd real company advertising the exact same thing, Car Finance No Credit check!

The only problem is they are misleading you, unless Bill Gates has started selling cars then I can pretty much guarantee you that they are lying and that in fact they can not provide you car finance with no credit check.

Think about it, who in there right mind would lend thousands of pounds to someone they didn’t know without doing some form of background check first? would you? I know I wouldn’t

Dodgy Dealers

Anyways if you do see a dealer advertising this or other terms such as ‘Guaranteed Car Finance’ then they are being very naughty and are in breach of the 2010 consumer credit (advertisements) act.

Making any sort of false or misleading claims where consumer credit is concerned, regardless of its intent, is a big “No No” in the eyes of the Financial Conduct Authority.

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You should stay well clear of such dealers as more than likely if this is the sort of dodgy practices that they employ to gain customers, what sort of things do they do to prepare their cars for sale?

Do you really trust this type of dealer with your families lives?

If you are looking for someone trustworthy that more than likely can help you obtain car finance then please have a look around our stock and when your find something you like make sure you apply online and one of our team of bad credit car finance experts we will get in touch as soon as possible.

We can’t guarantee you finance, we will also perform a credit check. But I promise you we will do everything in our power to get you the finance and the car that you deserve at an affordable rate.

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